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Take These Party Tips From Us, We Have Fed the Masses

These party tips from Seymour's Catering come from our over 10 years of catering experience. It's an awesome guide to hosting a killer party! If you want us to serve for your special occasion, give us a call today to get started!

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1. Don’t over think it: Seymour’s Catering offers a lot of choices, but some are more suited towards your event than others. Your guests will love what you select. Therefore, choose sides that hold the best at temperature and stretch the longest. Your Seymour’s Diner catering representative would love to discuss items that make the party host look like a hero

2. Stretch those sides and meat options: BBQ Beans, Slaw, Pasta, and Macaroni Salad go a long way. You may get up to 50 servings on these items. On the other hand, Riggies, Mac n’ Cheese, and Potatoes tend to disappear fast. You may only get 30 servings on this type of items. Let us take the guesswork out of ordering and direct you in the most cost effective way. Snowflake and Slider Rolls are great for BBQ; allows your guest to nibble and stretches your meat options

3. Enjoy your friends and under buy at graduation: During Graduation party season, your guests usually have multiple parties to attend. Serve smaller portions instead of whole meals. Save money by not over ordering on certain foods. Offer inexpensive staples like Vegetable Trays and Cheese, Cracker, Pepperoni Trays for those guests who want a snack. Have enough of the main menu for the close family and friends you know will attend

4. Serve it HOT: If you are planning to serve food over an extended period, inexpensive wire racks and sternos are a great way to keep your food HOT! They're available at Party City in a “kit” or at BJ’s and Sam’s Club for even greater savings. Seymour's Catering can also provide these items for you for a nominal fee, just ask

5. Coolers keep food HOT: If you are out of space in your oven, use a marine cooler with a tight seal (available at BJ’s and Sam’s Club) work great for keeping hot food HOT. Just keep it closed and don’t open until you are ready to refill your buffet. Remember, the food danger zone is between 40 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit and food will spoil after 4 hours in the zone

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