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The team at Seymour’s Catering has been serving barn weddings and other formal events since 2008. Let us share our experience with you. Contact one of our friendly catering professionals for assistance in planning your next event or to schedule a complimentary consultation.
  • Burt and Cheryl Seymour - 315-520-4688
  • Jessica Johnson - 315-855-8432
  • Aneyla McGill - 315-542-9595

Our Barn Wedding Catering

  • Arrival at the venue up to 30-90 minutes prior to the ceremony
  • Set up of 2 buffet lines with hot chafing dishes with up to 2 hours of on-site service
  • Buffet line service, calling tables, cake cutting, table bussing, light cleanup, and packaging of leftovers
  • Heavy-duty plastic plates, upgraded plasticware, napkins, and wet naps available
  • Seymour’s Diner Sauce, served from pumps

Check Out the Additional Options

  • Real China place settings - call for prices
  • Plated table service - $3.00 per guest
  • Family style table service - $2.00 per guest
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Contact Us for a Complimentary Catering Consultation

Burt Seymour
Vice President
Cheryl Seymour
Catering Representative
Jessica Johnson
Catering Representative
Aneyia McGill 
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